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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Escape Room? Mind Games Escape Rooms are a Real-life room escape venue with multiple games. Which is a type of physical adventure game which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements in of the room to solve a series of puzzles find clues and escape the room with a set time  limit.

Is there an age limit? Yes: No one under the age of 12 will be admitted. Participants under 16 must be accompanied by a parent while inside the actual escape room and must also purchase their own ticket. Participants age 12-16 must bring a copy of our liability waiver signed by their parent along with a copy of their parent's driver's license or passport and must still be accompanied by an adult (but not necessarily their legal guardian just someone over the age of 18).

What time should my group arrive? 15 minutes before your game starts

If I'm late, can I still play? If you arrive after we have started the game (the time slot you have booked). We cannot allow you inside. This would disrupt the game for the other participating players and negatively affect the schedule for the rest of the shows. No refunds or rescheduling of the show times will be offered for late arrivals or no-shows. Please account for traffic, and map us out beforehand so there are no surprises.

How do I reschedule my reservation? If you need to reschedule, you MUST contact us (317-340-9534 or email mindgamesescaperooms@gmail.com) AT LEAST 3 days (72 hours) before your original reservation. If you contact us after this period, or if your booking was created within this period, we WILL NOT be able to reschedule your booking or offer a refund. Please be aware of this before booking your reservation with us.

I would like to cancel my reservation for a refund. We have a strict NO CANCELLATION/NO REFUND policy. All sales are final and nonrefundable regardless of whether you show up for your reservation. Please be aware of this before booking your reservation with us.

How Many People Can Play at Once? Each room varies, check maximum allowances on our webpage: There is no minimum number of tickets that must be purchased, but  if you purchase less than the room's capacity, be prepared to share the room with other guests. Sharing the room can actually make the experience  more fun.

management may make rare exceptions. But we strongly advise against it as the games and the rooms were designed according to the set capacity.


Secrets of the Pharoah: Yes

Double Cross at Tony's Bistro: Yes

IF l'M HEARING IMPAIRED CAN I STILL PLAY THE GAMES? Yes, we will have an interpreter for the hearing impaired on Friday and Saturday evenings BY APPOINMENT ONLY.

CAN I PLAY IF I'M PREGNANT? This is completely up to you. Since there are elements that may fr ighten or startle you. We would recommend that you sit this one out, but again it's up to your discret ion. If you  do decide to visit us while pregnant, please make sure to make your host aware of your pregnancy long before your game begins.


Do I need to bring anything with me to escape? No

Are you really going to lock us in? Yes, but the room has an emergency out button so that you can open the door in case of  an emergency.

DO I HAVE TO BOOK ONLINE OR CAN I PAY CASH WHEN I GET THERE? Unfortunately, we have too many instances where people make a reservation to pay cash at the door and are simply no call no shows, this is a complete loss of revenue for us and we can no longer allow reservations without payment in full. We are sorry for the inconvenience. However, if cash is you' re only option. We can accept full payment in advance in order to secure your ticket time, please call (317) 340-9534 to schedule your advance cash purchase.

Are there cameras in the rooms? Yes, so the game master can help you with clues if you choose to use the clues provided.

What happens if we don't solve the puzzles? The Game Master will help you with clues, each game has up to  three clues.

What if we don't book all the available spots for the escape room?  You may be paired with other people in which is not a bad thing which can be fun.

I am Buying Multiple Tickets but I Am Not Sure of Everyone That is Going Do I Have to Put All Names? Yes. But if you aren't sure of everyone that will be attending at the time of purchase, you can put the names of those that are confirmed already, then simply put your name in the rest of the fields. Once you have the rest of  the names simply  open the booking confirmation  email you received,  in that email there is a button that says View/change booking. Click th is button, which takes you to your booking on our website. Click the "change" next to your name, email address, and phone number. Scroll down to the Participants section and select the drop down next to each appropriate name beingupdated and select "new person"  then put the confirmed first and last names. Once that is complete, scroll down and select   " next"  then check the box acknowledging our Cancellation Policy, and finally select "Confirm  Booking" and you're all set. Please note that you will not be able to make changes within 24 hours of your ticket time.

I Already Purchased Tickets but  I Want to  Buy Additional  Tickets for The Same Time Slot. Can I Do That? Yes. Email mindgamesescaperooms@gmail.com to see if spots are still available.

Do I need to book escape room in advance? If we have availability, we will take walk-ins but we recommend reserving your spots for guaranteed acceptance.

Are tickets transferrable to a friend?  No

What form of payments are accepted? Visa, MasterCard, American   Expr ess.

Is there a limit to the number of players? Yes, most of our games are for 6 to 8 people.

Can I take photos or video while playing the escape rooms? No videos or cameras will be allowed in the rooms.

I can't find you guys, where are you? Click HERE for address and directions.

I Want to book for a bunch of my friends and family, how do I book more than one ticket? In the booking process on the PC and mobile devices, immediately after you click BOOK NOW button the schedule is shown followed by a few simple steps. STEP 1: How Many Tickets would you like to purchase? This defaults to 1 ticket, but there is a drop down box where you can select how many tickets you'd like. You must do this before selecting a Date and Time.

I Want to Have a Private Room for My Friends Only, But We Don't Fill Up All the Slots. Is This Doable? The only way to get the room privately is to purchase all the tickets available for the experience of your choosing. Otherwise anyone can buy the remaining tickets. Which is usually the case. Additional advice is to book it in advance, don't wait until the last minute . Also there is no discount for buying all the tickets.

I Got a Gift Voucher as A Present, How Do I Redeem It? In the email containing the Gift voucher certificate, there is a link listed under "How to redeem this voucher" you can click the link provided or simply click here to enter your voucher code and redeem.

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